Tax The Little People.


Today I think I got an example of how the Office of Governor John Lynch views constituent service and serving the citizens of New Hampshire.

I’m dialing 271-2121 and looking for Citizen Services or someone that can answer a question about House Bill 218 which was recently concurred by the House including the Senate amendment preserving the study status but still dissolves the NH Rail Transit Authority. The phone rings 11-15 times and then an out of the can message, “The office is closed if you need emergency assistance contact the State Police at 271- if you would like a directory of staff persons press 1. So I press one thinking that citizen services would be under the letter c.


It’s merely an alphabetical directory of Gov. Lynch staff, so if you’re on the road and do not know of the name of someone in citizen services then you’re screwed. So I hang up and dial 271-1110 which is the Statehouse central number thinking that the operator could connect me directly to citizen services. “The number for Governor Lynch is 271-2121” a stoic- serious female voice tells me. “The office is closed” I respond. I’m having a mental image of Nurse Ratchet in the movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest". “What office are you looking for.” I respond by saying that I’m looking for citizen services or someone knowledgeable about pending legislation. Nurse ratchet says “the lines are busy now.”


“I’ll connect you to their voicemail.” she doesn’t say who they is.

11-15 rings later. “The office of citizen services is closed” please leave a message with your name and phone number and your call will be returned.” So I leave a voicemail about House Bill 218 and my understanding that Governor Lynch has stated that he is planning on vetoing this legislation which, if allowed to continue has the potential to add millions of dollars of state indebtedness with no oversight; and this likely means a long-term tax increase and empty trains rolling from Massachusetts up to Nashua, Manchester to Concord.

My call has not been returned.