Saavedra Position.


Today I got two examples of reality in New Hampshire.

I walked into my local library to hopefully get a copy of the book, Day of Oprichnik by Vladmir Sorokin and they don't have it so I inquired about an interlibrary loan request. "Budget cutbacks I'll put in the request but I don't know exactly when it will arrive." the librarian said.


As you all know the NH State Library and the interlibrary loan system operates under the Department of Cultural Affairs. This is the department that is also responsible for all of the arts and cultural programs in New Hampshire. This is also the department that budget hawk legislators like Rep. Steve Vaillancourt wan't to do away with or at least merge it into something else. The net result: no books.

Thank you Representative Vaillancourt for all the work that you do for New Hampshire.

The news doesn't get any better either. I've just learned that Border's Bookstores has been unsuccessful in it's reorganization efforts so it's remaining stores will be closed and liquidated.

Great.  Couch Potatoes and HDTV big screen watchers need not apply here. Screw it NASCAR too. But NASCAR does bring in alot of money to New Hampshire so I won't say that too loudly.

So Border's closes if you need a book or perhaps a vanilla chai on a stressful day forget it because the order of the day Dollar Tree, McDonalds, Cheap Junk, Cell Phones or anything else to be found on or near the Ft. Eddy Road. I'd imagine Panera Bread will do quite well there isn't much parking there though.

So what does this have to do with the Saavedra Position? I was going to use this blog to talk about chess and it's relation to politics and strategy. I'm working on this endgame chess strategy called the saveddra position which, if executed correctly is the equivalent of a nuclear weapon; the problem with this position is that if the opponent recognizes what is being done, not only can the strategy be derailed but the player who creates it is in immediate imminent danger of being completely wiped out. And I'm talking 3-4 moves.

Chess is like this. Politics is too.