Report From Borders.


So anyways I'm down here at Border's in Concord watching the ship sink. It's not really a sad scene its more of a lingering feeling in the air of what is to come. There are signs everywhere 20% off and Border's Rewards customers, which I'm a member get 40% off.

With this in mind when I came down this morning I fully expected to find bare shelves and not much available. This isn't the case, the place is packed with people and nothing appears to be selling even with the lower prices. The magazines interestingly, are still being stocked with the August editions coming out now. Newspapers have been discontinued and I didn't even check the movie or music selections but if the Circuit City liquidation was an indication anything of real market value has already been removed and I don't imagine the prices here would be much competitive with

So it goes.

The Concord Monitor has speculated that another bookseller may move into this Border's location on the Fort Eddy Road. I don't see this happening. If the plaza is in fact owned by Staples than the rule of the day will be corporate rates for square footage and with this the question is: name a bookseller that will be able to step into this position maintain the overhead and still show any type of proft? This would be next to impossible for a small venture like Concord based Gibson's. Barnes & Noble up from Manchester is a possibility I don't think their business model is much stronger than Border's so I'm doubtful this will happen either. Though the Dartmouth College Bookstore on the green might expand into the West Lebanon location I think the market would support this.

But it was still interesting for the Concord Monitor to at least advance the idea.