H.B. 218 Burton Buck Pass.


I've followed House Bill 218 and the state entity known as the NH Rail Transit Authority since its creation. To put it very plainly and directly this is government by committee and an undefined, anointed power that now has the authority to issue millions of dollars of contracts and long-term debt that will have dangerous financial impact to New Hampshire.

This session both houses of the Legislature passed an amended House Bill 218 which would have allowed the study section of the NH Rail Transit Authority to continue its work but deleted the rest of its authority including the bonding without oversight provisions within it's charter.

Once the camel gets his head into the tent he likes to stay there.

And what does Gov. Lynch do he vetoes the legislation. Support the camel not the people.

So right after the State Senate passed H.B. 218 in a committee of conference and sent to the popular Governor I started calling citizen services in his office to find out any information that I could about what the future of the legislation would be. And like I've reported here on NHInsider.com I got next to nothing in terms of a response and of course I'm blowing through 30 minutes of prepaid time on my cellphone to listen to a well educated female explain why nothing is being done. What was the name of that camel anyway?

Alright so not being content with the fluff response from the sharpie I decide to contact the Dean of the Executive Council, Ray Burton who at the meetings I've attended seems to enjoy explaining that he "is the longest serving Executive Councilor." "It falls to my lot." Burton said. So my thinking is that since it is the job of an Executive Councilor to advise and consent to a Governor now would be the time for me to express my concerns about H.B. 218 so I do just this...

To Be Continued...