Signs And Hapsburgs.


Another hot day. So I'm driving over to St. Johnsbury, Vermont on I-93 N/B and NH DOT is removing the signs for the now closed state rest area near Moore Dam. Vermont has a rest area not two miles from this location with free Wi-Fi and Green Mountain Coffee.

New Hampshire is saving money so I guess this is a good thing. But then again maybe it isn't.

So I end up at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum which is the main library and also an incredible building and art galley filled with all kinds art, history and culture. The murals on the wall alone are awe inspiring and all in an environment of being in a public library. So I'm looking at the incredible art and reading a newspaper headline: The Last Hapsburg Dies. Apparently, one of the last remaining member of the Hapsburgs family has died.

Images of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. 

Of course I start thinking about New Hampshire, the conservative place across the Conneticut River. New Hampshire doesn't have a St. Johnsbury Athenaeum it may not even have a west library in Manchester because we have legislators like Rep. Vaillancourt who have no use, value or appreciation for things like art, culture and quite possibly a place to stop on the side of road for a rest.