They're Coming. Even To NH.


So today I learned that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood finailized the agreement allowing Mexican truckers into the United States per the NAFTA Legislation.

They'll be here in 10 days.

Definately the wrong context but I'll make the statement: interesting to watch.

Driving qualifications, condition of their equipment and their attempts to navigate through some of the major congested cities in the U.S. never mind the weather conditions. I'm now thinking about the soccer mom driving the mini van doing the typical zig-zag across four lanes of traffic in some big hurry... and guess what happens...

I'd imagine the news media would be very fair in this situation: blame the trucker, blame Bush don't talk about NAFTA directly and include some rationale why truck drivers need yet more safety courses-- and they'll be a picture of a burned out mini van and how Eliza Ellen was not only a star student but aspired to gain a scholarship to play field hockey at Yale.

Am I a slaughterhouse five blogger or what.