Snow What Snow.


As is my policy I do not deal in rumors on this board but this one I think is valid or at least some of the major points that were stated to me.

So several nights ago I'm having a coffee in an establishment and happen upon a gentlemen that owns two tri-axle dump trucks in New Hampshire in the summer he contracts them out to companies like Pike Industries and Continental Paving the latter of which is doing a quality job of reconstructing I-93 up through Franconia Notch. During the winter he contracts the trucks out to the State of New Hampshire DOT and uses them to plow snow. Certainly a good business model.

This is assuming that New Hampshire is going to plow snow this winter.

"The state isn't going to plow the interstate below 3" of snow and the secondary roads won't be plowed below 5" inches." he said. He also stated that in most cases, sans a severe storm all plowing on the state roadways will stop at 9-10 at night and won't resume until at least 5 am. He said that there won't be as many contractors used this year, as the state will attempt to clear all the roads on their own and "the roads they can't get to will likely be left for the next shift which could be hours." he said.

So lets assume there is something to what I've heard. I see more accidents, a loss in tourism revenue and down shifting to local communities. For starters Massachusetts drivers can't navigate on dry pavement imagine what this is going to bring. Compound this with delayed emergency response times and the delays to other drivers on the same road. Many of these secondary roads are the major arteries for towns in central and northern New Hampshire, and for example routes 49 and 175 in Campton: if they're not plowed: the roads to Waterville Valley and their own Fire Station. 

Imagine the BMW driving Harvard success matrixes that can't get to their prized condo.The Town of Campton will be plowing the roads whether the local taxpayers want to do this or not. Some of these Harvard people are very powerful. They know how to get it done their way!!! The great societal thinkers that they are.

I did make a joke though. If New Hampshire stops plowing it will be like Vermont. Vermont doesn't plow at all. I didn't get much of a response to this.

Eithier should New Hampshire.