Standing By The Pool. All Talk And No Do.


It's been an interesting couple of weeks in NH politics. I'm sure it will only get better as time wears on. I guess with all I've absorbed this week I'm left with the question is if the NH Republican Party could actually blow the next election. And it has nothing to do with Democrats, RINOs or even the news media and all the elaborate reporting that goes on in the Granite State.

So I started out the week reading the Fergus Cullen editorial in the Union Leader: I think the title should have said: "I need a job Congressman Guinta because public relations is an art not a science." And it is an art, especially the good job Cullen does explaining how effective the Congressman was with this growing list of voters that call themselves the "tea party."

I'd call the tea partiers failed Republicans but apparently the NH Republican Party is broke. Stands to reason, what exactly is the agenda of the NH Republican Party? Then when the tea partiers are done partying about government living within its means, what exactly is their agenda?

I don't think they have one. And I still think Cullen is looking for a job.

I'm thinking this as I'm reading about leading NH Republicans jetting off to Texas to Gov. Perry. Then Gov. Perry comes here for the big announcement, standing by a nice pool on a hot August night. Unemployment in New Hampshire is only hovering at 4.5%, home foreclosures print ink in every newspaper and what exactly did Gov. Perry say? Perhaps the Republican candidate has some fundraising ideas for the NH Republican Party; my guess is that he doesn't. Same thing for a Mr. Fergus Cullen.

Politics and Leadership. Leadership and Politics. Cocktail conversation standing by the pool. I wonder if they served alcohol in Greenland?

I'm actually surprised Jennifer Horn hasn't surfaced in this news cycle. I couldn't find any real information about the Iowa Caucuses except Steve Vaillancourt's blog about how badly Pawlenty did with his one liners in his quest for the White House. Last I followed with Horn she was hosting house parties "and it's going well." she said.

What else is she going to say. It's going badly.

So what am I going to say, I think the NH Republican Party is well poised to blow the next election and it will work in three directions: the money people will be one direction, as they've shown, the idea people will be another direction and everyone else will either quit or join the constitution thumping tea partiers.

Is this moving in a quality direction or what.