Talking Hats.


Last night I stopped at a small restaurant off I-93 on my way home from work. I'd assumed since it was a Monday it would be quiet so I could order an appetiser and watch what was going on on the widescreen HDTVs. Well, it didn't work out that way. The place was packed and I mean jammed.

So I decide to stay anyway and now I'm sitting at the bar listening to these two young male upstarts talk about the difference between the 480 and 500 horsepower BMW model, I don't remember which series and then one of them starts blabbering on about how hard it is to drive the car four to five hours because the power lumbar seats aren't that comfortable.

Stop whining and crying you little bitches...

By now the HDTVs are now on politics I can't hear the volume it's a scene of candidate Mitt Romney in various situations in New Hampshire, campaigning obviously and then one of the scenes shows Romney standing in front of a microphone holding a Burton for Certain hat and he is smiling and saying something I just can't imagine what he must be saying. I'm sure it will be more interesting than horsepower ratings on BMW cars. But then again it might not. Then the scene goes to Romney's house on the California coastline and his upgrade plans. Looks like quite a project out there.

Sometimes the news is better with no volume. If the Romney campaign can be considered news.