The Departure.


I'm not sure if he was behind the move but New Hampshire Business newspaper is reporting that Dawn Wivell is departing state government. If Commissioner George Bald was the moving party in this particular case:

Kudos to Commissioner George Bald!

The newspaper article stated that the Wivell position will not be replaced. So is this not only good news to the idea of saving taxpayers money but I believe the improvement of commerce in NH related to international trade and markets. So why might I say this? New Hampshire should not be in the trade recruitment business just like it shouldn't be in the ski area business. Not only are the markets dynamic and sophisticated enough to allow the international trade process to happen state government actually gets in the way. New Hampshire doesn't need this office and its overhead costs. Companies and entrepreneurs are going to come to New Hampshire when the capital, markets and sales potential are there state government doesn't need to be involved with this process. So I'm glad Ms. Wivell is leaving.

Next on deck should be Industrial Agents.

This may not be the title for these position(s). However, DRED still employs them. These are regionally based business recruiters. There can be some arguement for the value of their positions however, I think they should be converted to a commission sales position. So instead of the fixed state salary the agent would recieve a commission for every job and/or gross aggregate economic development project that was completed.

An idea for the future.

The departure of Dawn Wivell says to me that there can be positive change for the future the Romanesque emporers that are in power in New Hampshire don't run everything, forever and this is good.