Clement Vote.


Revealed in the Union Leader that DOT Commissioner nominee applied for $300 million dollars of stimulus federal funds without submitting so much as a spreadsheet as to the reason the funds were requested. (It was for trains that will run between Boston and Concord.)

Is this an example of how to run state government or what.

Bravo to Councilors Wheeler and Sununu for voting against Clement.

Clement showed his true colors when asked why he applied for the funding for an as yet undefined, and unsupported project (wonder how happy the 75% respondents in the UNH survey would be if they learned their taxes are increasing because of this rail idea).

"Commissioner Campbell told me to do it." Restatement. said Clement.

Instead of demonstrating leadership and promising to find the information and/or reasoning for this important policy move he simply passed the buck. Too much of this goes on.