Dogged Campaigns.


Today's edition of the Wall Street Journal had an interesting "Mormons Duck Political Duel."As I read it couldn't think if the constitution thumping tea partiers weren't behind it.

It was about the Romney and Huntsman affiliation with the Mormons and what this could mean to their campaigns but there was some information revealed in this whole thing that is most interesting. It started out:

"Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is going on the offensive, aiming to swiftly counter anti-Mormon political arguments and push back against what it considers unfair portraits of the faith." They go on to say that LDS has purchased significant ad buys in important areas but avoided regions where there was no chance of winning, like South Carolina and as I remember Iowa.

Look out WMUR big ad buy coming. And the changing of hearts and souls. Don't read into this it means what it means.

And then hits they start talking about LDS itself and its founder Joseph Smith, "the founding prophet Joseph Smith was murdered during a dark horse campaign for the presidency."

Really. Off the charts on this one. Joseph Smith actually ran for president!!!!

Bet they don't teach this one in many U.S. history classes.

Hang on it does get better. Enter Memphis, Tennessee and a news segment questioning whether candidate Mitt Romney believes Eden was in or near Independence, Missouri? The question was never answered, but the article does state that LDS does in fact believe that Eden was in Independence, Missouri.

Interesting idea. The Garden of Eden in Independence, Missouri. This area in my direct expereince as a truck driver delivering and picking up loads in the region is the still alive heart of the Confederacy. And believe me the stars and bars is still very much alive. And I'm not joking here meeting some of the people they actually believe in this way of life.

And I'll have to give much credit to the Wall Street Journal though they are doing some accurate market reporting about what exactly is happening I wouldn't be surprised if there is another round of bank failures in the coming days, things aren't good. This is what happens when financial institutions are allowed to stack raw speculation on top of margin and no collateral. It isn't built on a house of cards because their are no cards. Just lies.

And the tea party doesn't have any solution either.