Let The Revenue Flow In.


So today I spent some time analyzing slot machine revenues from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control website at: http://www.pgcb.state.pa.us/files/revenue/Gaming_Revenue_Weekly_20110807.pdf

Some interesting trends here.

For starters revenue for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and my own direct experience visiting the Sands Bethworks casino two times in the past year. Regional economic development and jobs.

Here is just a quick example of my findings:

Slot Revenues and a 34% tax rate and a comparison between two months of July/August 2011 at the Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, Pa. I picked the Sands Bethworks Casino because I think it demonstrates the greatest example of redevelopment namely, an abandoned Bethlehem Steel mill in the Lehigh Valley.

7/4/2011 (34%)  $1,968,119.06    Year to Date  $3,119,166.77

8/4/2011 (34%)  $1,854,752.32    Year to Date  $10,644,442.94

Source: Pa. Gaming Control Spreadsheets.

And if your wondering why there is a jump in total tax revenue collected between July and August is because I have not included the other three weeks worth of tax revenue that is going into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from this casino.

Why can't New Hampshire do this?

This is just from slot machines. I can make a similar argument for the revenue that is collected from table games and the sales taxes collected on the food and fine wines in the restaurants like Emiril Lagase right there in what was an abandoned, decrepit hulk of a property on the banks of the Lehigh River.

I'll tell you why because New Hampshire has super tea party legislators like Rep. Vaillancourt and former Senator Jim Rubens and their do nothing, have nothing attitude. This is really moving New Hampshire forward isn't it?

It isn't.