A Culture Of Control.


Former State Representative and County Commissioner Dean Dexter penned in an editorial to the Union Leader which appeared today highly critical of millionaires that decide to run for office in New Hampshire.

So Dexter shows how and why individuals like Craig Benson, Bill Bennie and the embattled state Republican chairman ultimately fail because the environment in the Statehouse not being like a business where orders are given and directives are completed. In other words Mr. Dexter essentially says, to be successful in the statehouse a policymaker has to simply go along with the flow or the established hierarchy of the way things are run. Negotiating skills.


My own experience as a legislator, the way things are run by NH Insiders like Mr. Dexter and the cadre of lobbyists and law firms that surround the statehouse like a chain linked fence. And precisely the reason why nothing is either done or unless it benefits one of the chosen few.

And don't ask any questions they don't seem to like that. Especially their beloved revenue estimates.

Then Mr. Dexter seems to go off on some sort of anti-business diatribe in which he explains how state government works and how "it can't run like a business, it isn't a business." And it isn't a business unless you're a NH Insider then its just a matter or politics and being on the inside track to make something happen. It seems to me that Mr. Dexter doesn't like outsiders or those that would dare to enter the sphere of policy control in New Hampshire. They have it the way that they like it.

At least the citizens of New Hampshire know where they stand.