"When the deed is done one becomes clever and philosophical."- Hans Frank.

Initially I was going to term this post game theory in NH politics, but since I'm not sure that I can deliver on the theory part I'll leave the title where my ideas really are.

I'm at a pre-Oktoberfest party right now sipping some delicious beer out out of a stein, I'm not singing any chants to a accordion player, at least not yet...

Beer halls and politics let's get going.

The departure of Governor Lynch will leave a temporary and short-lived vacuum between political ambition, desperation and the Republican, Democratic parties and the financial sources that pay for campaigns in New Hampshire. And now its about more than the money, it's about the future, our future. With this being said, don't be surprised to see a well-financed candidate emerge along the lines of the Lynch organization come into the fray; the office of Governor is too pivotal and strategic to let another politician turned lawyer into the slot. Because there are dangerous waters ahead for New Hampshire.

If you don't believe me. Take a realistic look at Vermont. And what has now happened in a matter of weeks....   Start with energy policy and it won't take you very long. It's not a matter of selling out either, because its already been sold.

So why did I name this blog Alekhine?

Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946) by some accounts is the greatest chess player and strategist in the world especially in the areas of close combat tactical attack and the endgame which, in my current game is my main area in need of improvement. So, I've been studying this theory, and it's hard. It's very similar to grinding away at Algebra math, tedious and it seems to have no direct or coherent meaning; unlike Geometry which can be used to build bridges and great things.

I'm pleased to report however, that the Alekhine strategy not only works it's a powerful weapon, devastating actually. I recently played in a chess tournament and completely destroyed a U.S. Chess Federation rated player at 1750 which is above my established level of 1600. Think tanks, planes and artillery against a musket holding wannabees and their liberal biased news media.

Chess is life. Chess is like politics and the objective is to wipe your opponents off the board.

This is clever and it's philosophical.