Falling Short.


Its known that WMUR is an example of biased media but the front runner endorsement of Ovide Lamontagne...

And it would appear that the candidate is making the same mistakes that characterized his unsuccessful runs in the past. Connection power.

"I'm going to be similar to Gov. Lynch in bringing people together."the Manchester lawyer said after stating the politically correct pledge to veto broad based taxes in the Granite State. If you notice that during his speech on WMUR he never made eye contact with this supporters.

This means something. Deeds speak louder than words.

"A Republican in the Steve Merrill tradition."Remember that one. This was connection power too in this case it's obvious that Lamontagne and his strategist used the connection and influence theme to advertise their way into the corner office.

They failed.

My prediction: Unless the Lamontagne campaign can steer another political course, these efforts will end up just as his last campaign: they'll fall short. 16 months is a long time to wage a campaign, finance these position(s) and still be able to respond to the issues of New Hampshire never mind what the other campaigns are doing and what their strategies are. If anything this campaign is now a moving target for the accurate UNH polls and their standard deviation of +/- 5 margin of error.  

I'll stop short of calling it a big sham, but that is what this really is.