Those That Think.


"Oppression is the essence of power."-Ernst Kaltenbrunner.

So I'm watching the season finale of Ice Road Truckers on the history channel and keep thinking about NH politics and how politics works.

There's alot more to trucking than picking up and delivering loads. Alot more. In any case, I'm watching as one of the most experienced IRT drivers 'Dave' gets fired. And he said something interesting that I thought I'd pass along:

"I wake up each day and spend 50% of my time wondering and dealing with whose going to f*ck! with me today." he said in describing the working environment at his carrier, Alaska based Carlysle Transportation Inc. So at the end of the conversation Dave was out of a job. Never mind that he has 25 years experience driving, never mind that he led the load count with 27 loads delivered safely and on-time. The goal of every professional driver.

They would rather keep the rookies working. And so much like politics.

Ever notice that individuals that actually think don't seem to move very far ahead in New Hampshire politics?  Instead the faces in the crowd seem to steal all the attention!!! Especially in the NH Republican Party.

There is a power in basis to all of this it's called oppression.