Moss Over Good.


"Time always has a reconciling effect. On every ruin there eventually grows grass, and then some shrubbery, and finally, before you realize it, what is an old hideous ruin becomes a romantic sight and legend."- Hans Frank.

S.B. 154 Thanks Jeb!

Remember that Ad. Running for Congress and talking about the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the unions later went on to endorse Carol Shea-Porter. Politics leads somewhere it just doesn't lead here.

So I'm reading in today's edition of the St. Johnsbury, Vermont based Caledonian Record Newspaper that Vermont is quickly becoming the potential crossroads of major energy policy and infrastructure ranging from wind turbines on ridge lines to the transmission of crude oil from sources everywhere!

And where is New Hampshire? Right now.

Hopefully this question can be answered... in the meantime time is the one currency that might be effective here. So, let the green grass grow until this hand plays out.

Make it moss.