Not A Good Report From Goffstown, Part II

West Of Eau Claire, Wis. enroute to hook a load. About 9-10 hours later I'd be at The Pilot.  

Writer’s Note- This is a continuation blog from an earlier post titled: ‘Not A Good Report From Goffstown.’

So I’m sitting here in the shower line at the Pilot talking with a Jennifer Anniston from New Hampshire; as well as her admission that she has served time in state prison.

What do I make from this? Other than being tired, fatigued and how all of this leads to rational thought and intelligent decision making, and believe it or not I never thought of asking what landed her behind bars-- actually the thought never crossed my mind.


Before I reveal what Anniston said as a part of my training to be an OTR Truck Driver I had to take some training dealing with fatigue and what it does to the body. It’s really something this is when, due to the tired state of the body the mind and major components of the body literally separate and start shutting down with the mind and cognitive ability being right up there on the list. There was a time when I was with my trainer, driving some 10 ½ hours across Wyoming and Nebraska in the pitch dark and my trainer who has been driving for 22 years calmly asked me to recite my last name backwards with the letters, I struggled to remember the last letter! Then he asked me if I could feel my hands against the steering wheel. I couldn’t. “This is how drivers fall asleep at the wheel and innocent people get wiped out.” My trainer said.


“So what was it like?”  I say to Anniston as the shower line is finally moving forward. “The place sucks, I got laid every night.” So I’m wondering if this is consensual or this is the definition of sexual assault on state property: “It was that bad” I inquire, like I’m actually defending New Hampshire Correctional Facilities and their operations. Like any jail can be that good…. “The guards and probation officers are a bunch of egotistical assholes.” she says in response. And I’m still wondering if this is consensual.

I never found out.

Anniston’s phone starts ringing and by now the line behind me is filling up with yet more drivers looking for a shower or some of the smaller carriers to have a fuel pump authorized. So she answers and I vaguely hear the voice on the other end. “Do you gotta ride yet.”


Sounds black to me I’m hazarding a guess here. But I’ve learned to never judge any book by its cover.

To Be Continued…