The Rules Of New Hampshire.


It’s been a challenging day.

So I started out this morning with my recently purchased Kindle Fire attempting to emulate what an expensive Apple IPad 2 can do and Ka Bang!!!!! Snap crackle and pop.

So back to the Kindle Fire goes. At least after the holiday, and no I don’t have a dream technology or otherwise; though I’ve been looking at the new Toshiba laptop with 3D capability it’s called the Qosmio F750. It’s quite a unit. Hopefully it will run better than my Kindle Fire.

Meanwhile, I’m left with my aging Toshiba laptop to accomplish my daily technological based tasks like maintaining my blog.

Perhaps I should use chalk instead.

But then again…

This is a UTUBE video that I found about what happens when laws, administrative rulemaking and free speech all mix together.

Should Ademo be freed?

I think this is another case of guilt by association. When you’re on the downward spiral of society the inertia tends to keep you there. In this particular case, a prior criminal record including felonies and now these charges: for writing in chalk!!!!! According to the Union Leader this individual is also facing indictment for taping public officials without their consent. This was the viral video at Manchester West High School showing the principal acting like a public relations officer for the Manchester Police Department who, smacked a student’s head against a table for being ‘disorderly.’

I think there is a message here. Follow the rules of society and what state government expects of you or else.

And I’ll leave this thought with a piece of legislation which has recently passed the U.S. Congress. And it goes like this: If a defendant is determined to be a terrorist (their definitions) they the defendant is now under official U.S. Military Jurisdiction not the U.S. Judicial System.

So what happens if chalk writers suddenly become a threat to free speech?