Movie Review: Red Tails


I’ve long been a student of World War II and the European Threatre of Operations so this movie quickly attracted my attention.

The movie is about the Tuskegee airmen the first all black fighter squadron that would later make some impressive scores flying the P-51 Mustang in support of a variety of missions.

I’ll do the official review after I see the film but this is still a political blog. I’ve looked at all the trailers for this film and questions of historical accuracy continue to occupy my mind. And I’ll start right in. The trailers show the destruction of the ME-262 which was Germany’s only major jet fighter aircraft. Well, the problem here as I see it is that the ME-262 didn’t make it’s appearance until the war in Europe was a good as lost for Germany. Very few of the ME-262s even took to the sky and several reasons for this: fuel and pilot shortages and the fact that the ME-262s primary design was to be a strategic based bomber not a fighter. This was later adjusted to emphasize production of the fighter, but again it was too little and much too late. So very few of the ME-262s even flew and the ones that were downed were shot down not in aerial combat but when they were most vulnerable namely, when they had to slow down for approach to the airfield to land.

So the 262 seems to be emphasized in this film why?

The other major German aircraft shown is the Messershimdt ME-109 which is by far the most common aircraft used during this period of the war however, the trailers don’t show the other major aircraft used and this is Focke-Wulf 190. I think this is significant because unlike the ME-109 the FW-190 with its radial engine could still maintain impressive performance statistics using lower grades of petroleum unlike the ME-109 which required the higher grades and grade that were increasingly difficult to obtain. The FW-190 isn’t shown in the movie or at least not in the trailers I’ve seen.

This is a movie like any other which seeks to entertain and in my case a $9.50 admission ticket to the IMAX theatre in Hooksett, NH where I’m headed right now. But from what I’ve read George Lucas of Star Wars production experience has stated that “he used $58 million dollars of his own money to produce the film because financing wasn’t available by any producers in Hollywood.”

So is Red Tails simply a story or a production of history?


Next Blog:  Red Tails movie reviewed.