The Town Hall Questions.


So last night I'm headed southbound to the Bath, NH Congressional Church site of the Congressman Bass Town Hall featuring Executive Councilor Ray Burton as special guest. And I'm thinking as to how I'm going to approach this: I'm looking for answers to my policy question(s) but I don't want to cross some invisible line where questions become a nuisance.

Then I starting thinking about the political careers of both the Congressman and the Dean of the Executive Council. Clearly, their careers or even a percentage in the next election won't even register by their attempts to communicate with constituants on a raw January night in small town, or as Councilor Burton terms it rural America.

They don't need to be doing this.

So I'm now in the basement of the Congressional Church they'res some 25-30 people here including Bass staffers and the once Speaker of the NH House, Rep. Gene Chandler. Okay the introductions have been done, we do the Pledge of Allegiance and the Congressman gives a short speech about his career in politics and his concerns about the national debt making him want to run again after being defeated by Paul Hodes.

Then the questions start. They all run in themes of national debt, same sex marriages and what kind of legislation Bass is planning on filing for the next session. "I'm not blaming anyone." Bass said but he stated that he was advancing legislation calling for a reorganization of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the iniatives to increase high-speed bandwidth throughout rural areas of the U.S. including New Hampshire.

Billions of dollars have been spent here. Do you have high speed internet access in your community?

I hope the Bass legislation moves forward.

So I finally get a chance to ask some questions. I start out with the Congressman explaining that the Administration is now proposing a new round of trade enhancements to the Far East and the creation of a a Trans-Pacific Trade Zone comprised of China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. I explain that as a long distance truck driver I've spent some time in places like Long Beach, California and Laredo, Texas and I don't see how the U.S. can handle yet more imports and containers onto the already clogged infrastructure including ports, highways and rail.

Bass hadn't heard of this idea. Though he did state he would be get back to me with this information and if he supports what the White House is trying to do with respect to foreign trade.

To Be Continued...

Next Blog: Questions for the Councilor.