Senator Gallus Isn't Listening.


Politically, 2012 hasn’t started out too well for me.

I’m reminded why I’m glad I am not in the NH political scene on a daily basis.

So it started with a conversation with one of my friends from Gorham about a company called Rail Ex (See UTUBE video below) and the potential of this rail based carrier to not only come into New Hampshire but possibly creating a few hundred jobs in the process.

“Let’s contact Senator Gallus.” said my friend.

So I’m thinking any idea is worth a shot, especially since Gallus himself has campaigned on themes of economic development and creating jobs.

Well the meeting went like this. Gallus was too busy smoking a cigar to even listen to the whole idea and instead he went into an explanation of why legislation couldn’t be filed.

Thank you Senator Gallus!

Not that amending a piece of legislation would be a possibility, never mind contacting officials at DRED or even your lobbyist supporters to do something for your district.

Never mind. Nothing can be done. Smoke filled room.

 I wasn't there but does Senator John Gallus even care about creating jobs?

Rail Ex (UTUBE)