How Cannon Is Better.


It’s snowing up here in northern New Hampshire.

So it looks like the ski season has arrived. And I’m psyched about that! What I’m not psyched about is the ski ticket prices for tomorrow at the region’s various ski resorts and I’ve shopped them all. From Sunday River in Maine to the esteemed slopes of Waterville Valley.

Average Prices for ½ day of skiing is $63.00.

It’s been a slow start this year, warm weather and clearly the ski areas need to make up for the lost ground and the ever present capital intensive nature of their business models.

Then I considered Cannon Mountain at $49.00.

So I’ll be going to Cannon Mountain.

I’ve been the first to argue why Cannon needs to be leased to a private operator but if it leads to higher ticket prices, as a consumer I’m not a supporter of this move. I’ll term it reverse Keynesian economics or in other words: I,I,I and me, me and me.

I hope the skiing will be good. I’ll try and do a blog from there. I don’t know if Cannon has Wi-Fi like some of the other resorts.

And what NH State Government and DRED can provide to the skiing public.