Facts Vs. Posture.


So I watched the V.P. debate on CNN.

I'm not going to take a position on 'who won the debate.' But I think Biden did a better job with the issues. Biden came across as not only knowledgeable on the issues but offered reasonable responses to the "post Bush era" policies that seem to be the followed agenda of the Romney team.

For example:

The subject was Iran. Biden explained exactly where Iran is in the nuclear process including a delivery system that Iran does not posess. So even if Iran had the materials and process available, which they don't, they couldn't advance a nuclear weapon anywhere in the Middle East. Ryan then spends his time explaining "what we aren't doing" like showing Iran that we are serious. 

I'm left wondering if Ryan believes in diplomacy and foreign relations or whether his policy or the policy of the Romney Administration would be "it will be done our way." Power often does begin and eminate from the top; but it is respect and negotiation that builds results. I don't sense Ryan really understands this. I'm not sure the Bush Administration did either.

Ryan then got in a couple of really good digs in whether this was Solandra or building "windmills in China." Yes the whole alternative energy complex has been fraught with malfunctions, problems and other corrupt political issues. Ryan did a good job with this.

Then they moved onto tax cuts. Ryan fell off the page with his absurd statement that 2/3 of "Americans work for small business." This is completely false. What Ryan should have said is that 47% of Americans either work directly for the government or an industry that is completely dependant on the government for its cash flow. And reduction in the size of government would reduce spending and require less taxation for the whole country.

Ryan didn't say this. Instead he pressed for the tax cuts. I think because the agenda is the tax cuts are for the wealthy. And the rich are rich because they are rich. Maybe they can finance some windmills in China.

Biden could have done better here. But he did state that it was the goal of the administration to have a vote right about this time they were also talking about choices in healthcare apparantly, Congress would not allow it to move forward.