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Economic Revitalization. Sands Bethworks Casino, Bethlehem,Pa. Where does candidate Warner stand on creating jobs for northern NH?

Today I left a voicemail for state senate candidate Debi Warner of Littleton. I'm seeking to find out exactly what her strategy is in economic development and job creation. I'm especially interested in this because of what has appeared in the Union Leader about her position(s) and if the news media is to be accurate:

Anti job growth and taxbase expansion.

This isn't the type of state senator that is needed in northern New Hampshire. I don't know Ms. Warner, I don't know of her; I've never come into contact with her or anything she is involved with.  So I can come at this objectively and if I'm given the chance I'm planning to ask her what her position(s) are about casino gaming and the sheer injection of capital and full-time jobs that would come into northern New Hampshire if this legislation is passed into state law.

I'm hoping that she also doesn't take the Lew Feldstein approach and argue the "social capital" and this "quality way of life." And how the presence of casinos changes everything.

It doesn't.

I'd be glad to provide some evidence of this. The newly opened Oxford, Maine casino has generated over $10 Million Dollars in taxable revenue since it opened on June 5th. I haven't seen the breakdown but I don't think it's unreasonable to state that at least 30% of this revenue came from sources that originated in New Hampshire.

Capital that leaves New Hampshire and goes to Maine.