A New Era For DRED.

China World Trade Ctr. Shanghai. The next DRED Commissioner needs to have an NH strategy to work with China.

George Bald retired from DRED and was replaced by interim commissioner Philip Bryce.

I'm really hoping that this is the start of a new era for this important state agency. I've spent enough time being critical of the former commissioner and what I think is a complete lack of leadership in favor of 'nice guy'politics and preservation of established bureaucracy, essentially nothing was done.

I'm not blaming Bald entirely but he still has to take a majority of the the responsibility as it was on his watch that alot of these things happened. I'm also aware that he stood idly by and did nothing. Sort of like the concentration camp supervisor that watches various things happen and does nothing.

I hope Bald enjoys his retirement. Maybe his conscious might alert him someday that something, was in fact very wrong... and he stood by and said nothing.

Enough of this. In the blogs ahead I'll be showing what I think is the credentials needed for the next DRED commissioner and steps that need to be taken if DRED is to be doing it's intended purpose:

Economic Development and Job Creation.

As all of you now know China is now a partner of the U.S. in everything from foreign trade to investment banking. This is the reality and when it comes to negotiating with New Hampshire it will be China that is in control of the negotiations. This is the reality too.

The next DRED Commissioner needs to have a sophisticated understanding of China and it's evolving role in the world. Part of this might be to realign the resources of DRED to reflect this reality. For example DRED operates a small satellite office in northern New Hampshire. I think this office could be closed and the funds $286,000.00 and staff person(s) could be used to open a small office in China. I know Vermont has a small economic development office in Shanghai. It's only open part-time but it's already generated more contacts and contracts than it's cost to operate.