Blankets For Teachers.


NNew Hampshire Is Failing In Education. ew Hampshire State Board of Education which is made up of political apointees has issued a decree or something like this:

No Charter Schools.

Another example of how there is no leadership in New Hampshire.

Of course money and budgets are tight. But if the State Board of Education were actually doing it's job, which they aren't they would be avocating education and finding solution(s) for the charter schools to move forward, or, at least continue on the path to their stated purpose: education. I'm confident the state board and their appointees never even bothered to contact either the governor's office or legislative leaders about finances and charter schools.

Who is the State Board of Education failing....   themselves? .... Hardly.

New Hampshire has submitted a waiver for No Child Left Behind (NCLB); an unfunded mandate that was pushed by societal thinker politicians like Rep. Jeb Bradley.  The waiver will be granted along with the many other states that can't afford it. But the bad part of this is that there will be a another round of layoffs at your local school. The paraprofessionals will be shown the door. These are jobs that pay $9.00-$10.50 an hour and include many aspiring teachers trying to break into the already underfunded ranks. And if you believe that the overcrowding issues in classrooms goes away because of this move.

Think again.