Communism As Power.

2016 China economy becomes largest in the world. Where does NH factor in this?

I've spent some time making the case of the inflence and need relationship between the chinese economy and New Hampshire.

It's deeper than I first imagined.

I'm a reader of Niall Ferguson's books. I don't like his writing style at all and how it often takes this professional academian a full chapter to explain an issue that could be done in several pages. But the academic presses need fodder, and he's the only contemporary author I know of that is reporting on the front lines of a shifting world.  A world where the power is moving from the west to the east.


Fours years away.

According to Ferguson via the International Monetary Fund (See Video) the world's largest economy in the world will be under communist rule. Basically 1/5 "of humanity will live in a communist state."

Implications for the world and New Hampshire.