Letting It Go.


Senate candidate Debi Warner never called me back.

Part of me says to let it go. I'm sure that she is busy running for the Senate which, is an event of itself. Even a candidate that has the ability to self-finance a campaign still finds this process daunting. I've met enough candidates all of them say this. While on the subject of daunting feats I think the record still holds though. Sen Rubens spending $66,000.00 on a primary for a job that pays $100.00 a year plus mileage.

There is more to being in the Senate than this. But how much more? > $66,000.00?


But I'm still really disapointed that Warner never called me back. Especially since there appears to be so little information about her campaign and what exactly she hopes to accomplish. The news media hasn't done anything here either. Instead of focusing on issues they simply look at all the negative and traditional aspects of campaigning. But I will say this Warner doesn't appear to be attacking on real issues instead (according to the media) she does things like assault weapons ban (1994); personal attacks like mystery e-mails about a home foreclosure and requesting campaign funds be returned. The later interesting as she has dipped into the honey well herself.