Granite State Futures. The NH Future.


This is a video about Granite State Futures or GSF.

I'll state what my basic knowledge is of GSF and let you make you own conclusion. I'll also state my own conclusion upfront:

GSF means local control and state laws are usurped and replaced by federal government bureaucracy, edict and decisions made by an unaccountable appointed committee.

So how do I arrive at this?

During my two terms in the NH House I became very critical of North Country Council Inc. a Regional Planning Agency based in northern NH that was started in 1973 that performs I believe the same function(s) as the Nashua Regional Planning Agency as depicted in this UTUBE video.  My concern was that North Country Council was accepting millions of dollars of Federal and State funds for planning activities for things like economic development and transportation and there was little evidence to show for either their work or what was actually being accomplished.

Millions of taxpayer dollars spent.

I won't get into the details about some of the arguements that I got into over this, including many of their supporters that believe: "regional planning is essential to getting any money at all." I don't agree and ended up asking for a copy of the NCC budget since this is taxpayer money we're discussing here.

And you'll probably never guess what I found...