Maine Moves Foward With Trains.


On November 1, 2012 the new Amtrak service between Portland, Maine and Brunswick starts. This is an extention of the Amtrak Downeaster train that runs from Boston through New Hampshire to Portland.

It should be interesting to see some of the statistics once this new rail service has settled into place. I'm confident it will a picture of economic development and ultimately an incentive to push Amtrak further into Maine likely the state capitol of Augusta.

There is economic activity and forward progress wherever there are trains. It's that simple.

Amtrak to Brunswick, Me. starts November 1st. I'm still opposed to what is happening with the NH Rail Transit Authority. The real difference here between Maine and New Hampshire is public support. In Maine the public is behind expanding Amtrak including grassroots support groups like Train Riders Northeast.   

This doesn't exist in New Hampshire. NH Rail Transit Authority has a flawed, misty vison for Amtrak Service in New Hampshire.

I'm hoping that the Legislature and Executive Council will continue to ITL and vote down legislation and contracts related to the NH Rail Transit Authority. I'd say this would help them get their act together.

But they haven't listened yet.