Both gubernatorial candidates are acting like Massachusetts politicians when they showed up a recent NH tourism conference plugging commuter rail into Nashua. Their latest sales ploy: It will turn Manchester Airport into an international airport.

Fictional based idea. Interesting cocktail conversation as well.

Imagine this. A shiny new blue and white KLM 787 Dreamliner takes off from the glimmering Amsterdam, Schipol airport. And this airport really is glimmering and not some five hours later the impressive looking aircraft is gliding gently down from the blue skies and clouds to land safely at MHT.  

And then...

Thanks to the $300 million dollar rail service provided by the NH taxpayers; the passenger on the KLM flight can then drag his bags across the tarmac, board a train and get to their real destination: Boston.

I'll save the passenger alot of trouble, just fly into Boston.