Question The Bryce Nomination.

I'll state my bias up front. I'm glad George Bald is leaving as Commissioner of DRED. I've been hoping that when the new administration takes over in January there would be a nominee brought forth that would move this important state agency into an alignment with the 21st century and be more focused on where the focus needs to be: creating jobs lots of them.

It isn't to be the case.

Governor Lynch has stated he plans to nominate who looks like the hand picked heir apparent to George Bald. And this is former state forester Phil Bryce. A nominee that I don't think has any verifiable experience in areas like economic development or job creation which is supposed to be the central role of DRED.

Does this type of insider politics in Concord ever end?

DRED doesn't need a politically connected 'interim commissioner.' Just like it doesn't need anymore George Bald plutocracy. DRED needs new leadership, new ideas, new directions and a commissioner that has the ability to advance regional based iniatives with surrounding states like Maine and Vermont while understanding that to move anything forward is going to require a very precise and sophisticated understanding of the international economic structure and financial landscape. Starting with China.

I don't think Phil Bryce is this candidate.

So I'd ask you, as I have, to contact your Executive Councilor and request that they vote NO on the nomination of Phil Bryce to be Interim Commissioner of DRED.