Creating Jobs Not Words.

Vermont Governor Shumlin creates jobs. This isn't happening in New Hampshire.I didn't watch the presidential debate. From what feedback I'm hearing is that much of it centered around debatable statistics of employment in the United States and whether people are working or not.

I didn't watch it because I was too busy getting ready for the upcoming ski season which I'm looking forward to. And one of the places I'll be skiing at is Jay Peak in Vermont. This is after I read several articles in the Caledonian Record Newspaper about the massive expansion plans that are now being put into motion as the result of elected officials like Vermont Governor Shumlin and the state's entire Congressional Delegation.

Elected officials creating multi million dollar projects in economic development and creating jobs.

So Jay Peak which is not too far from the Canadian border has plans to expand the ski area itself; with new hotels and supporting facilities like the nearby airport. And this creating hundreds of fulltime jobs in the process.

I don't know who won the presidential debate in Denver but what I do know is that a major project in Vermont is advancing because some elected officials helped make it happen.

Too bad we don't have this type of leadership in New Hampshire.