Made Some Progress.


So yesterday I had a cell phone conversation with Executive Councilor Ray Burton relative to my concerns over the nomination of Phil Bryce to be interim commissioner of DRED.

Basically I stated my concerns which already appear on this blog, we also discussed some of the developments in Vermont in areas of economic development and job creation. So it was left that my concerns would be passed on to the nominee. The long-term councilor didn't state on how he would vote for this nominee.

I'm very pleased that I was able to at least have a discussion like this with an elected official.

But I'm still very frustrated at the way this state is run, especially DRED. I was just reading today in the Caledonian Record Newspaper of Gov. Lynch and Commissioner Bald going up to Canada recently under the aegis of trade or whatever (taxpayer expense of course)and it seemed really wishy washy they didn't secure any real contracts or commitments just an idea that a Haverhill, NH aerospace company could possibly get an "outsource contract from Canada."  If it happens.  If.

This isn't jobs. This isn't progress for New Hampshire.

There needs to be change in New Hampshire. How this state is run and ultimately where we're going in the future. Of course the election in November will be an important strategic direction, but in the meantime the nomination of an interim director of DRED is also important.

On this basis I'm asking you once again to contact your Executive Councilor and ask how they plan on voting on the nomination of Phil Bryce to be the interim commissioner of DRED.