A Bit More Progress.

So today I had a cell phone conversation with Executive Councilor Chris Sununu. I'm really impressed with his knowledge of how state government runs and responding to my concerns over the nomination of Phil Bryce to be interim commissioner of DRED.

"This is a placeholder nomination and I agree with your concerns, in the area of economic development this really isn't the guy."Sununu responded to my statements that the nominee has no experience or the qualifications of this candidate to be leading a state agency charged with expanding the state's taxbase and creating the ever-important and needed jobs.

I liked this answer.

Councilor Sununu also went on to explain that Bryce would basically be running DRED on an interim basis for two months until the new governor will bring forth a nominee which wouldn't be Bryce.

Another good statement.

"I won't speak for the other members of the Executive Council but the thinking here is, along with the Governor someone really needed to be in the position even if it is a short time."Sununu said. It was my impression that some level of direct supervision is needed at DRED on a daily basis.

I think this situation is looking alot better than I last reported. I'm very pleased about this.

When I first read the press release about Bryce being nominated my first thoughts was Massachusetts and how political appointments are made in that state.

Doesn't appear to be the case with this nomination.