And Where It Might Lead.


So I'm reading the Laconia Evening Citizen newspaper today and they have an interesting article about a debate on the state senate candidates in more or less Belknap county.

Regardless of political affiliation all of them said more of less of the same thing: economic development and creating jobs is important in New Hampshire.

Wow! Is this the political statement of the campaign or what!!!!  

And they seemed to keep hammering away at it. For example Bob Lamb wants to do tax credits, while Yousef (spelling-the candidate with all the personal baggage) wants to practice Laissez-Fair I was waiting for him to start talking about the 'New Hampshire Advantage.' but he didn't.

And what they didn't talk about, and what showed me that these politicians could care less about creating jobs-- this just happened to be the subject that happens to generate voter buzz.

Here is why:  A major nomination looms ahead for the very state department that is in charge and recieves substantial state funds for statewide economic development and job creation. And nothing was said. nothing. This nomination could be an opportunity to change, restructure, advance or at the very least improve the capabilities of New Hampshire in this important campaign area.

Nothing was said. Nothing.

In any case after this debate I don't have much faith in any of the candidates from the Belknap county and surrounding area to be really interested in creating jobs; it seems they're all pretty self-centered and looking out for themselves and their campaigns. Egos and turf battles is a subject for another day.

Let's move on.

Today I contacted Executive Councilors Sununu and Weczorek about their position(s) about the interim commissioner of DRED.  I'm looking forward to their responses.

Tommorrow I'll contact Executive Councilors St. Hillare and Wheeler;  I'm looking forward to their responses as well.