Kick The Tea Party Out Of New Hampshire.

Thomson: What exactly are his qualifications to be giving out economic advise about the future of New Hampshire?

The Tea Party needs to kicked out of New Hampshire.

They do nothing for this state.

There can be many examples of this. The endless shouting and complaining, the press releases the rallies calling for this and that. Never any specific examples or how New Hampshire moves forward. And it's always the same.

I don't know if he is a member of the tea party but I'm sick of hearing about "Ax The Tax." by Tom Thomson of Orford. Somehow being the son of a former governor uniquely qualifies him to solve the economic and financial issues that face New Hampshire.


What has Mr. Thompson ever done in this world except be a son of a former governor?

I'm getting off topic.

The Tea Party needs to be kicked out of New Hampshire for no other reason than they have no solution(s), no quantifiable ideas; and other than a few loud mouthed organizers like Jennifer Horn they have no direction except to consume valuable time and energy and press releases, lots of press releases.

Just kick them out. It will be like the Mariel Boatlift in Cuba in 1980.

Kick them out.

Guess what happened in Cuba after this happened.

Life got better.