Set A Course To The Rocks.

New Hampshire is on collision with the rocks.

It's approaching decision time in New Hampshire.

A new governor in January.

Of course there is also the idea of what the future may bring, the vision, the promises of the campaign and where all of this will lead the granite state.

Now can we talk about reality?

New Hampshire is at a crossroads and like all things political, a dangerous crossroads. I'm not going to recount candiates and campaigns but there are two direction(s) that this state will move in with the understanding that we're on a collision course with the rocks.

The first is stabilize the ship and gradually, safely move away from the rocks. The major problem with this strategy is that it neglects to consider the underlying issues that are causing the ship to steer towards the rocks in the first place. The Tides.

The second is a recognition that the ship is indeed in serious trouble and there is only one way out of this: Risk.   Put up a full sail. Turn the tiller to 090 and hope that this can hold together long enough to get to safe and open water. The Tides.

This is why I'm voting for Maggie Hassan for Governor.

In any tough decision it's often easier to take the conservative (safe) route. The vessel won't hit the rocks but it will never reach open sea either.

O' Captain My Captain.