Jobs Will Be Created For New Hampshire.


Yesterday I filed comments with the Vermont Agency of Transportation relative to their state rail plan and their solicitation of comments about their state rail plan.

Being from New Hampshire I expected my comments to be rejected as obviously I'm not a resident of that state why would my ideas and statements even be relevant to what they're doing on that side of the Connecticut River.

My comments were accepted.

I won't bore you with all the details but I made a short argument as to why Vermont should be making more effort to acquire abandoned railroad lines in that state and then leasing them out to private companies some of these lines actually extend over into New Hampshire.

Then I made an arguement over the need for intermodal expansion and how small to medium sized companies would be able to take advantage of this and in turn lead to economic growth and jobs.

This is a video that demonstrates this via the Panama Canal. This Central American country may seem like it is far away but it really isn't.