More Spending, Mo Money and More Marshall Plan.

As if Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau recent press conference didn’t dump enough fluff on the fire apparently there is more to come:

A great day in New Hampshire!

Former defeated Congressman and Ambassador to Denmark is now, according to this video below is now advocating for global expansion of the Marshall Plan.  I have a policy question for Dick:

Have you ever studied history?

Marshall Plan did rebuild war torn economies but was also doctrine of 'unconditonal surrender.'The Marshall Plan did indeed rebuild a devastated economy, namely Germany in post WW II. However, the Marshall Plan was and is still under the doctrine of unconditional surrender where the German economy and industrial complex was literally dismembered in favor of complete control and domination by U.S. based companies. Something similar to the Marshall Plan was done in post war Japan as well. I’ve been to both countries and seen firsthand what the Marshall Plan and what the doctrine of unconditional surrender really means.

Ultimately it means that the United States and its taxpayers pay for everything.

Is this what Swett wants for the U.S. to pay for and control everything?  The former ambassador didn’t mention the United Nations but I don’t think it’s a stretch to think this would be the vehicle used to Former Ambassador Swett (Left) supports a global based Marshall Plan strategy. U.S. taxpayers will be left to pay for it. accomplish such a global, and spending Marshall Plan.

I don’t think the United States can afford this type of idea. I’d also question his ideas of markets and widget sales; I don’t think he has even thought this one out and where this might be in reality.

I’m glad Dick Swett isn’t a policymaker or has any real power to make financial decisions.