Psychological Warfare

Warner at Tea Party Rally. Is this campaign an example of psychological warfare?There have been a lot of radio ads in northern New Hampshire for Dr. Debi Warner for Senate District #1. Lots of ideas are presented, the standard vision for the future and how more needs to be done for this area. A polite conversation as to why Warner is the right choice to be a senator.

I’m hearing everything except why she chose to run for the senate?

Apparently, she was on some sort of legislative committee and she was so effective on this committee, “she was asked to run for the senate.”  I wonder who asked Dr. Warner to run for the state senate and exactly how effective her work really was.

Then in another ad she attacks her opponent, Jeff Woodburn with the assertion that: “he won’t have any credibility in Concord and this isn’t what we need.” I’m listening to this and I’m unsure as to how she can arrive at this type of statement.

Psychological warfare?  Creating doubts in the voter’s mind?

I don’t think it’s possible to run a campaign that is more Main Street than what Jeff Woodburn is running. And while Warner has no experience ever serving in elected office her opponent not only has substantial Woodburn is running a campaign based on Main Street. His experience in politics shows.experience in this field but a demonstrated commitment to the area and its people.

Even his critics recognize that Woodburn will work as hard at this as Ray Burton does.

This will still be a close race.