Jennifer Horn. Wrong Direction.

New Hampshire Republican Party needs rebuilding and rearming. Jennifer Horn isn't the person to do this.A lot of politicos and paid analysts don’t get it.

The elections clearly demonstrated two things:

1. The Tea Party and it’s unsupported , undefined ideals have been sunk.

2. The Republican Party is heavily damaged, listing to the starboard side, leaking fuel and its remaining weapons are nonfunctional.

Not a very good situation here.

What is even more damaging is that the politicos are already forecasting into the future with the Tea Party idea that "fighting" and Jennifer Horn could be the next leader of the NH Republican Party.

Massive mistake.

Jennifer Horn isn’t a leader these qualities have never been demonstrated. Simpering to Congressman Bass when it’s convenient, a Sarah Palin show and tell supported by the media and her mindless support of the Tea Party aren't credentials that lead anywhere.

As a victor the Democratic Party has done something very professional they’ve extended their hand in the name of bi-partisanship. They don’t have to do this. They could simply rule as victors over the vanquished and they’re not doing this. Like the Republican Party would have done had they won these elections.

It's now about learning from mistakes. And learning leads to power.

I’m not saying that the Republican Party should abandon it’s values and what it’s done for New Hampshire and the rest of this great country. But it should take ownership and stock of the position that it is now in and use this chance to retool and rearm for the real fights of the future.

And Jennifer Horn isn’t that leader.