Emboldened And Spending Railway Company.

I’d imagine Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and former Senator Peter Burling must be pleased with the outcome on Tuesday.

They were going to proceed with their plans anyways but the vote now only emboldens their venture to spend some $750 Million to bring passenger rail into southern NH.

So in the next few months I see a number of things happening none of which bodes well for either the NH taxpayer or effective transportation policy.

First there will be legislation again to support the NH Rail Transit Authority in it entirely; and they’ll also try again for the $3.85 Million before the Executive Council for yet another feasibility study that will wordily state that total ridership “won’t exceed 600 passengers a day.”

I wouldn’t find it surprising that Lozeau also proceeds on her own for Nashua to apply for funding for its section of the service that will cost at least $295 Million to implement. The Federal government will pay likely, 75% $221,125,000.00 leaving NH Taxpayers with the rest of the bill:

$73,875,000.00.     Paid By NH Taxpayers.

Where is the NH money going to come from?

As you may already know the NH Rail Transit Authority has automous bonding authority meaning this it has the authority to issue long term bonds which will increase the state indebtedness.

I think this is how it will go.