The Kristallnacht Sham.

One of the problems in politics is the tendency to focus on the past instead of the future.

Kristallnacht is one such example.

In Keene they’re having a commeration of this event showing how German National Socialists did such things like breaking glass and burning books as the start of the Holocaust that has been broadcasted and cinematized across everywhere to every human being that has access to the media for all time.


Let’s move beyond the politics, power and the history of Judaism and focus on New Hampshire:

I’ll now make a statement and try to substantiate it: "New Hampshire doesn’t ban books, New Hampshire doesn’t burn books. Instead it relies on the global economy and unpaid citizen legislators to do this work instead." 

Tonight I went to my local library to ascertain a book that I know exists across numerous libraries in New Hampshire: including Manchester and the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The name of the book: Civilization: The West And The Rest by Niall Ferguson. (2012).

I’ve requested new books before and it’s usually at most two weeks by the NH Interlibrary Loan System.

New Hampshire doesn't ban or burn books. The sheer power of economics has a much greater force than this. Guess what I was told tonite:  Six Months.

That’s right. Apparently, financial cuts to the NH State Library and the ILL system including the vans that move the books to the libraries has been “significantly reduced.” 

Six month wait time for a book. Why burn the book download it on

So a big thank you to Representatives like Steve Vailliancourt who I know is a big supporter of the the NH State Library and the ILL system.  I also hope that when Katrina Swett gives her moving speech in Keene about the horrors of the holocaust and all that the Jewish have endured will take a few brief moments to speak about what is happening in her own state.

Better yet use her money, power and influence to do something about it.