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Gov. Elect Hassan. Not quite ready for the prime time. Some dangers in listening to advisors.

It was my intention to leave it alone. Basically this means: let the new administration and the candidates assume their positions in January and without any comments political, policy or blogging.

I don't think this blog will do this. These are some predictions that I've had for some time. And these are:

Gov. Elect Hassan isn't quite ready for the primetime leadership position in New Hampshire. And the danger here I sense is that those around her office will over advise and over consult and over committee the new governor in the issues of the day. It won't take long to see where this leads, an example would be the upcoming DRED Commissioner nominee. New Hampshire needs some new ideas, visions and leadership directions. The ideal candidate and experience set won't be from New Hampshire. The new administration will quickly show it's hand with this nominee.

Jennifer Horn as Republican Party leader will be tantamount to pouring arsnic in clam chowder. It can't be tasted and it will be ruthless and deadly. I see the party treading water over the next two years in fundraising, which isn't good. So where does this leave things for 2014?

Speaker Norelli softens her stance on expanded casino gaming. In the process she'll extract huge concessions and agreements from the adminstration in additon to the casino intrests themselves. The Speaker could well emerge as the most powerful political leader in the statehouse. But the legislation will still fail in the Senate at least the Salem and Gatsas plans will.  

The continued budget cuts and employee morale at both the state prison system and state hospital boils over in a big way. I don't see a riot and tear gas like Attica in New York but something happens here. A headline in the Union Leader about a corrections officer being severely beaten or killed. As Commissioner Wrenn is responsible here but I only give him 40% of the blame as he is constrained by what has been given to his agency by the legislature and the adminstration; so they bear the 60% responsibility for this looming powder keg. The situation at the state hospital is almost parallel to this but instead the in-patients are simply sent home.

I don't like John Stephen as a candidate for higher office but I think he was the only Health & Human Services Commissioner that actually recognized and identified these issues and what is going to happen.

And it will happen. Not if but when.



Reader Comments (4)

Hassan should do what Lynch did - nothing.

Sit back and get photo-ops at floods and maple tapping. Then let the Nashua Telegraph, Monitor and UL write about how "popular" she is.

Worked for the last guy, why change.
December 2, 2012 | Registered CommenterEd Naile
Hassan didn't win the election. Ovide lost.

The lawyer from Manchester couldn't get out of the way of his own words and his overinflated view of his own capabilities.

Hassan will be a one termer if she doesn't produce. Even if she uses the Shaheen playbook. This will still be a tall order. Fractionalization in her own party and cracks in the system that finally break with Lynch gone. Say what you want Lynch was an expereinced executive and administrator and it showed. Hassan doesn't have this expereince.

The news media will protect the new governor for awhile but even they can't bury calamity with words.
December 2, 2012 | Registered CommenterSteven J Connolly
Steve –
You way underestimate the children literature section of journalism, and their ability to spoon-feed the hamsters in this Grate State to just about believe anything. (See MA-MA Land, State of ILL, and CA-CA Land for proof of the puddin' pops). I predict, unfortunately, that Ed is right, and we will get six more years of Dumbocrat Winter.
– C. dog waiting for bankruptcy to clean the State
December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
As prime sponsor of the Gatsas plan, I can honestly say I doubt it will fail in the Senate. I don't expect it'll get through the House!
December 6, 2012 | Registered CommenterRep Steve Vaillancourt

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