Heaping Full Of Praise.

Commuter Rail Into Nashua. An expensive and questionable idea. I’ll start out by saying this isn’t another blog bash session against Nashua Mayor DonnaLee Lozeau I’ve done a lot of this recently. However, it’s not like there isn’t reason(s) out there to be critical of this politician.

It happened again today.

“Hassan praised Nashua's Republican Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, a long-time advocate of extending commuter rail into Nashua, whom Hassan tapped to serve on her Transportation Innovation Team.”  Union Leader, Today.

A long-time advocate.

What exactly does this mean? This is important because to date there hasn’t been one shred of evidence presented that shows things like projected ridership, costs or even the general public support for “extending commuter rail into Nashua.”


The only advocacy I’ve seen Mayor Lozeau make is to request massive sums of  taxpayer money this project including her pathetic statement in the Legislative Office Building about if she has asked for federal money at a time of soaring deficits and red ink.  Including her own press conference about the federal budget deficit.

She answered “not yet.”

Let’s go a bit beyond this.  This Transportation Innovation Team appointed by Gov. Elect Hassan what exactly is its role and what are the qualification(s) needed to be on this team?

Why was Mayor Lozeau selected?

Does it not seem logical that DOT Commissioner Chris Clement who deals with statewide transportation issues on a daily basis should be on the team or at least be advising the Gov. Elect?