Spreadsheet Skiing.


"As is Cannon Mountain for that matter. It's more myth than reality that the state cannot run something like this."- Rep. Steve Vaillancourt.

The only real myth here are legislators sitting in the Statehouse many of them non-skiers reading through DRED provided spreadsheets thinking and believing that Cannon Mountain is well run.

It’s almost mystical actually…

Meanwhile in reality Sunday River in Newry, Maine on Saturday is offering $5.00 night skiing tickets and after this a fireworks display that lites up the snow capped peaks and northern lights sky in a array of sparkles and colors. It’s really quite something.  I’ll be over there probably be hanging at the swanky Foggy Goggle Café right adjacent to the main ski slopes.Atmosphere At Sunday River

Then of course there is Cannon Mountain which on Saturday, if they even have skiing (to my knowledge they don’t even offer night skiing) it will be scene not too far removed from a funeral.

Grim.Atmosphere At Cannon Mountain.

Skiers sitting around wooden picnic tables, eating their bag lunches. Expressionless it’s almost like they are dead. They’re getting a good value or so they say. And it certainly looks like it.  Picture the atmosphere in your local post office.

“Have what’s her name go see if they have any free straws.” One of them says.

Even Cannon Mountain will have some free straws.

The Skiing Experience. Cannon Mountain Doesn't Get It. It’s called customer service.

Ski areas that are well run tend to do this.