It’s going to be an interesting year. Here are my predications and are not listed in any order of importance.

Canada quietly begins moving toxious tar sands via pipeline south through NH (Coos County) to Portland, Maine. Not a peep from NH DES or the media about this.

Gov. Hassan makes a strategic blunder right out of the gate with the nomination process of commissioners for Health & Human Services and DRED. Something goes amiss here. Who said a Democratic majority on the Executive Council is divisive.

Expanded casino gaming legislation fails. As it should.  Not because of the strength of the argument but by the process that continues to be used: The Senate wants one thing, lobbyists want another, the house wants this. Nobody talks about anything or anyone including the legislation. So the bills will all be killed. I don’t see Gov. Hassan having any huge sway here though she might appoint a committee.

Yet more issues surface at the Liquor Commission and yet another committee.

A Red List bridge at DOT fails and miraculously, no fatalities.  This is the reality that will be eclipsed by fiction and fantasy like ribbon cutting at the new Portsmouth-Kittery Bridge and a $3.85 million dollar feasibility studies for commuter rail service into Nashua.

Member of Congress Kuster tries to use gun control legislation as a springboard to project what here campaign capabilities are: and these were? The effort flops anyway.  This will be highlighted when Anti-Gun Annie has a series of Town Hall meetings across the 2D and one constituent asks here how NH schools might come up with some money to put School Resource Officers back in schools that were removed due to continued financial strain and direct cutbacks.

PSNH begins a campaign of desperation to get this Northern Pass deal done. They shove all in: in the process throwing spaghetti, money, finance, lobbyists at the wall and hope that this sticks.  Some cash starved campaigns and lobbyists will try and get in here where in the past they haven’t.  I’m thinking the Franklin area in particular I’ll put the odds, at best, 50%-50% that PSNH prevails here.

Minority Leader Chandler will spend most of his time and effort trying to parley a few amendments and minority reports into what sounds like a Republican Party position which it isn’t. There won’t be anyone in the caucus or he won’t select anyone that can give a floor speech. So where does this leave the perception of the minority party? Well, at about the same position the NH GOP is in if Jennifer Horn gets elected.

Happy New Year!